The Power of Habbit

I’m reading The Power of Habbit , go ahead, find it and read it, you might find out why you spend so much in front of the computer, or why you always end up on facebook on twitter

Small Test

Just a small test

CentOS 6.1

A new CentOS version is here CentOS

Ops Related

You should read this two posts: part 1 and part 2
found on Twitter by @lusis

Who Are You

A very nice post by Scott Adams creator of dilbert
found on HackerNews

Dell and London Slough

I’ve been to Sough, it’s nice and you can feel the smell of Mars chocolate in the evening, maybe Dell picked that place to build this, nee I’m keeding Slough is a big techological park near London, you can find Equnix, RIM, Rackspace and Mars


lsof 101

Nobody Cares

Nobody Cares found on Twitter

Developers and Operations

An intrestin link @roidrage twitter stream


Ted Dziuba vs Brian Beck on node.js