A markdown implementation in javascript showdown highlight:

found on HackerNews

Brutal Dishonesty

Brutal dihonesty

found on Twitter (@jtimberman)

Web Operations 101 for Developers

You need to read this:
web operations 101 for developers
by Mathias Meyer


Check this out:
by Ryan Dahl


Do you have the time? if not, check this out:
NTP Accuracy @ Applied Infrastructure

First on GitHub

Actually, seccond, the first one was on posterous, now trying github with octopress, inspired by, maybe this one will last longer ;)

Training Organizational Resilience in Escalating Situations
By allspaw

Unix Orchestration
on InfoQ

Managing IT , People
by Martin Glassborow. found on Greg Ferror’s Twitter (@etherealmind)

Ec2 Lessons Learned @ Evite
By Grig Ghoeorgiu